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Upgrading the domestic circuit board industry, demand continues to grow

FG棋牌Printed circuit board

FG棋牌Printed circuit board industry is the most active of contemporary electronic components industry, the industry growth rate is generally higher than the electronic components industry three percentage points. Expected in 2006 will maintain a rapid growth in demand for upgrading and industrial transfer is essential to promote development of the industry momentum, and HDI boards, flexible boards, IC packaging board (BGA, CSP) and other varieties will become a major growth point.

FG棋牌2003, China's output of printed circuit boards for the 50.069 billion yuan, an increase of 333%, the output value for the first time ranked second in the world than the United States. In 2004 and 2005, China's PCB output value remains more than 30% growth rate in 2005 is estimated to reach 86.9 billion yuan, much higher than the global industry growth rate.


The flexible circuit board

FG棋牌The flexible circuit board rapid miniaturization of development in smart phones as the representative of the electronic device, which is widely used in many electronic devices market segments, on the one hand, the product is becoming smaller; on the other hand reliability. Is expected to 2016, global flexible circuit board production will reach 13.2 billion US dollars, the annual compound growth rate of 7.5 percent, the survey of the electronics industry to become one of the fastest growing sub-sectors.

FG棋牌From forms of development, China's PCB industry sustained rapid growth, import and export has achieved rapid growth, with industrial growth is gradually optimized and improved.