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  Dongguan Daoshengyi circuit board materials Co., Ltd., established in 2009, the company is specialized in circuit board supplies and equipment sales and supplies updated research work, currently already a number of national patents, and continued research and development.

FG棋牌  The company in the domestic Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Taishan, Kunshan, Baoding has a processing plant or warehouse, production and marketing and sales agent of dozens of products. Drilling under the cover plate class, laminated steel carrier plate kraft paper, polyethylene aluminum tripod plate, the exposure apparatus supplies category, for the current main products.

FG棋牌  The company continued to uphold the quality first, mutual benefit, honest and trustworthy marketing ideas and people-oriented, advancing with the times, social services, adherence to business direction and regulations, and sustained and healthy development in the company's core values, "momentum," "happy" to lead.