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Circuit Materials Series | Smart environmental protection series
LED aluminum substrate
Aluminum (LP100)
Blue kraft paper (production)
Hot kraft paper (production)
UV probe and control energy card
Set mask
Parallel light energy meter

Focus on circuit board industry for nine years

  • In board supplies and equipment sales and supplies updated scientific work
  • Production and marketing and sales agent of dozens of products
  • Drilling on the lower cover plate type, load plate pressure plate kraft class

Strict management system

  • Currently a number of countries have been patented
  • Strict implementation of ISO quality management system
  • We have strict inspection system

FG棋牌The scale of production, quality assurance of goods

  • With advanced production equipment and detection technology
  • Domestic companies in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Taishan, Kunshan,
  • Specializing in the production team, professional project technical staff, senior engineer,

Customer sales and service

  • Provide PCB services to the global number of dealers enterprises,
  • a number of manufacturers
  • Allowing you to enjoy lower than the industry price, higher than the quality of the industry.

Perfect service system

  • 7*24 Hour rapid response
  • Short delivery, timely delivery orders in a timely manner
  • Providing a full range of well-perfect pre-sale, sale and technical services
About Us

        Dongguan Daoshengyi circuit board materials Co., Ltd,Founded in 2009, the company is specialized in circuit board supplies and equipment sales and supplies updated research work, currently already a number of national patents, and continued research and development.
  The company in the domestic Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Taishan, Kunshan, Baoding has a processing plant or warehouse, production and marketing and sales agent of dozens of products. Drilling under the cover plate class, laminated steel carrier plate kraft paper, polyethylene aluminum tripod plate, the exposure apparatus supplies category, for the current main products. See more>>

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